About us

"Our heart is to bring you to a living relationship with God, the revelation of Jesus Christ, and the manifestation of his presence with glory, for life in abundance."

Fabien and Sophie transmit a message imbued with faith and the glory of God, through their publications, the media, and interventions in different contexts.
Animated by a vision for "life in abundance", they draw their source from the Word and the presence of God. Their passion is to see people receive salvation, develop, and excel in their destiny, and see ministries fulfill the received vision, by means of active grace and in the heavenly dimension.
Determined to serve the best, they are convinced that the Bible's message, accompanied by the active presence of God, has the power to effect transformation, and that you can live a fully fulfilled life with the resources available to you, as part of a living relationship with God, of an authentic lived experience of Jesus Christ revealed, and of the manifestation of his glorious presence.