Here are the titles available at édivie editions. Our heart is to share inspired, practical words, for a living and deep relationship with God, the revelation Jesus Christ glorified, and the manifestation of his presence in glory in the life of each one.
Several of Fabien Weigel's titles are made available for download with free participation for the blessing of the greatest number. Books can also be ordered directly or from your bookstore.

"I will manifest myself..." For authentic experiencing of Jesus Christ revealed, in the season of the growing movement of the Spirit. (French edition)

The Heavenly Call (French edition)

Why The Cross. Understanding the work of Christ and its consequences, for a transition from earthly to heavenly. (French edition)

Let's Live By Faith. (French edition)

The True You, Your Identity In Christ. (French edition)

How Is Your Heart ? (French edition)

From Resolution To Completion (French edition)

Renew Thought, For A Metamorphosed Life. (French edition)

Seeds Of Life. (French edition)

Unrivaled Glory. (French edition)

Heaven On Earth. (French edition)

Let's Go Further (French edition)

A New Life, First Choice Life (French edition)

The Disciple, Saved To Serve (French edition)